Things to do in school holidays

In the School Holidays Growing Together run a variety of activities the details of which are on our facebook page.

They often include a day trip for children aged 4 - 8 to a local country park, and one off events like fundraisers or things for children like a teddy bears picnic.

We also run FISSH with  Emmanuel Church and Blackthorn Primary school - providing food and fun once a week in all school holidays apart from Christmas. 

We  run other community events which we publicise on our facebook pages:




Parent’s comments….

“My children love going to Play Scheme. They do so many activities and for £10 a day you can’t complain!”

“It’s so difficult planning what to do with the kids especially in the summer. Play Scheme is brilliant as they can do lots of different things.”

“It’s lovely that she gets to play with children that she use to see at nursery.”

"This place has done him the world of good. He is much more confident with other kids now."

"My little girl has never been on a bus until now. She was so excited. That's why I love this place the children get to experience new things." 

Children’s comments……

“Play Scheme is really fun.”

“I really liked going on the bus to the park with my friends.”

“I liked all of the activities in play scheme!” 

"I don't get bored when I'm here."