Neighbourhood Plan referendum - Thursday 23 February

Over the past three years, Growing Together has been working with the Police, the Borough Council and local charities and community groups to create a Neighbourhood Plan for our area. This is now complete and ready to go to a local referendum on Thursday 23 February 2017. If it wins majority support, it will become part of the planning framework that the Borough Council must follow when taking planning decisions.

It contains policies to ensure that planning decisions from now to 2029:

  • keep the best of what we have and learn lessons from past mistakes
  • focus new housing developments on the needs of existing residents and ensure that developments are small scale and located on low quality land rather than the green spaces that people use most
  • encourage derelict sites like the old middle schools to be put to use to benefit the local community
  • protect and expand play areas and community buildings
  • improve the shopping areas in Blackthorn and Goldings and on Billing Brook Road
  • give the highest possible level of protection to eleven of our most important and best used green spaces
  • expand and improve the network of foot and cycle paths

If you live in the area, please get out and vote YES on 23 February so that Councillors over the next thirteen years know how strongly the community supports this Plan.